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Akashic Record Soul Readings

Align your Life to your Divine Soul Blueprint
Clear Past Patterns, Know & Be Your Authentic Self

It is a delight and honor to offer you this powerful in-depth opportunity to learn about your Soul Gifts, and the new choices you can make to clear any blocks to the flow of your Divine Life Force Energy.

The Soul Realignment® reading is designed for Transformation. It shows your soul’s gifts, your Divine Soul Blueprint, the state of your soul development (and how to enhance it). You learn what past and present life choices may have blocked the actualization of your soul’s gifts, and together we CLEAR out those blocks.

Through the reading you are enabled to understand the choices you made in past lifetimes which created issues which remain to this day and why you decided to make those choices in the past. This, along with the clearing,
empowers you to make new choices, bringing your vital force energy through, in new ways that are in alignment with your Divine Soul Blueprint.

The method starts with you giving me your name at birth, your place and date of birth, and your full name now. Also, please provide
your intention for the reading which may be in the form of: What new circumstance you wish to create in your life in the next six months.


Then I spend over an hour researching in the Akashic Records for you. Next we make an appointment for about an hour on the telephone in which I deliver the reading to you. We use a conference call system which records the call, and I send you a link to the MP3 file so you can have a permanent recording of what was given to you.

Your contribution in this healing and soul-sourced direction-finding session is $350.

I am excited for the opportunity to work together. Please use the "contact me" link at the bottom of the page to email your request, along your intention for the session, and schedule a reading. A paypal invoice will be sent to you. After payment, there is a period of 24 hours in which you may cancel with full refund. Then I will begin the work in the Akashic records for you and will contact you within three days to set the day and time of the telephone delivery of up to one and half hours.

Please provide your intention, accurate names and birth information, along with payment.

Thank you for requesting a Soul Realignment® Session.

After your session a 48 hour window for emailed followup questions is available.
For ongoing contact and support please email.

This Soul Realignment® work is available ONLY for yourself, your dependent child or other person who is financially dependent upon you. You may also gift a session to a third party who agrees to their records being accessed and is available to receive their reading.